2 September to 13 September 2017 
Cost: R15,950.00 Per person

Richtersveld & West Coast Photographic Workshop & Tour


30 August to 10 September 2018

Cost: R15,950.00 per person (children under 10 @ 50%)

11 night / 12 day (Tented / bring your own bedding)



The Adventure


This is a photography safari/workshop of eleven nights, twelve days, which begins at

Vioolsdrift on the Orange River. Early in September, we may still be fortunate to experience

the floral beauty of Namaqualand.

During our journey, we shall cross wide plains and experience the ancient mountains of the

Richtersveld. Over millions of years, forces of nature have changed the flow of rivers and the

appearance of this dry but beautiful landscape.

Join us on an adventure to discover the wonders of this geological intrigue while we journey

westward to the West Coast and then south to Doring Bay.


The Team


Your tour leader is an experienced nature conservationist and adventure guide. He will be in

radio contact with you at all times and impart a wealth of biological, cultural and historical


You are also accompanied by a professional photographer, and the focus is on learning to

take better photos. It will also improve your photographic confidence and ensure you get

the best out of your photographic equipment.

Our experienced chef will prepare three meals daily in our mobile kitchen, with fresh salads,

potjiekos, braais and many other surprises appearing on the menu.

The good old coffee kettle will be on the fire from sunset until late.




This is a camping tour, and our logistics crew will pitch and take down the camps at all the

overnight stops. Tents are provided by Mpafa Travel but you will need to bring your own bedding!

This is not a technical 4x4 trip, but should you experience any problems, the team will have

the knowledge and recovery equipment to assist.

Some of the camps are bush camps without amenities, but Mpafa will ensure a clean toilet

and that you will be safe at all times. The team will leave no stone unturned to make you

comfortable, provide you with wholesome food and, most important, ensure you have a

good time.

Where 220v power is not available, we shall have an inverter available to charge batteries.


Adventure itinerary


Days 1 & 2: Vioolsdrift


All of us meet at the Orange River near Vioolsdrift between 13:00 and 14:00 so that the

photo guide at 14:30 can give a brief introduction to photography and the tour before we go

to enjoy the sunset.

We stay here for two nights, and after breakfast, we shall receive assignments to improve

our photographic talent.

In the afternoon, there will be an informal lecture of approximately 2 hours about



Day 3: Tierhoek (Richtersveld Conservation Area)


Today, the jeep tracks begin, and we visit Eksteenfontein with its colourful history of Namas

and “Bosluisbasters”.

Our camp is among granite rocks, which promises to offer a beautiful sunset.

In the afternoon, there is time for personal meetings with your professional photographer

to ask specific photo- or camera-related questions and to look at some of the photos you

have taken up to that stage.


Days 4 & 5: Kokerboomkloof (Richtersveld National Park)


After Khubus, Kuboes or Koeboes, the Nama capital, we enter the Richtersveld National Park

for the next 4 nights. We drive up Helskloof Pass and take photos of the indigenous, red

Pearson’s aloes that are found only here.

This is a long day with many stops for photos of the landscape and plants like the

kukumakranka and carrion flowers.

All three kinds of quiver trees are found here; we shall see parasol and hybrid quiver trees.

At the Kokerboomkloof campsite are many trees, and we stay here for two nights to take

pleasure in the trees at sunrise and sunset.

The photographer will also show you how to expose a tree and photograph it like that.

Once again, there is opportunity for personal meetings.


Days 6 & 7: De Hoop (Richtersveld National Park)


We drive unhurriedly to the Richtersveld campsite, from where it becomes a little sandy to

De Hoop at the Orange River.

It is a beautiful area. The colours of the mountains behind the green trees are exceptional,

and it is time to relax and just absorb everything.

Today is not a driving day. Photography assignments will be given, but there will also be

time for relaxation, e.g. swimming, going for a walk or reading a book.

The anglers, remember your fishing rods. (We are not going to prepare catches.)

In the afternoon, there will be time again for personal meetings with your professional

photographer and a photo workshop session.


Day 8: West Coast


Today, we drive down Akkedis Pass to Sendelingsdrift, the headquarters of the park. It is

called so because of all the bends running like a lizard.

On our way, we stop at elephant’s trunk plants (“halfmens”) and other plants, e.g. Hoodias.

The lichen field outside Alexander Bay is also unusual. We then turn south along the west

coast to Port Nolloth, where there is ice cream.

This is the only day on the tour you will have the opportunity to replenish provisions.


Days 9 & 10: Namakwa National Park


We are still driving southward, past Kleinsee and Hondeklip Bay, where we shall visit an old


The next two nights, we overnight in the Namakwa National Park at the coast.

From static landscape photos to movement. Photos of the sea and waves are the next

challenge, together with photos under water and through the water.

With luck, we may also encounter many flowers.

Here is another opportunity for taking walks and relaxing. There is also rich sea life in the

rock pools.

This is the last day for personal sessions, and you will look at the photos you will have taken

until then.


Day 11: Strandfontein/Doring Bay


It is still a sandy road until outside the park at Groen River. We travel along the coast past

Brand’s Bay to Strandfontein.

After we have unpacked, we meet one another at the harbour in Doring Bay.

Fryer’s Cove Winery is a very interesting place with delicious wines, where we put away the

cameras for the time being.


Day 12: Going home


Unfortunately, we say goodbye after breakfast, until a next time.